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New album: Horseloverfat || Greetings From Nowhere

Horseloverfat is an unusual name. That also applies to their music, which is all over the place and kinda awesome. The band from Italy self-desribes as “a psichedelic (sic) krautrock group, a transnational and stateless parody that encompasses all without regards to purism and coherence.” On their new record Greetings From Nowhere, Horseloverfat goes from postpunk to psychedelic to protopunk to country to kraut to glam in their songs. Somehow, the band manages to pull it off without creating a unlistenable mess. They recorded Greetings From Nowhere in March in an old school fashion: as a live band, and with limited digital intereference. The result is a time portal to the music of the ’60s, ’70s and early ’80s. Step in, if you’d like!

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New album: VOLK || Cashville

Don’t skip this one right away if you read that this is cowpunk mixed with glam and blues rock, because Nashville’s VOLK – Eleot Reich (drums / lead vocals) and Chris Lowe (electric guitar / vocals) – make this work really (really!) well. Intense lyrics, rocking twang and honky tonk, awesome powerful vocals. Cooler than The White Stripes, dirtier than AC/DC. The debut full-length album Cashville is out now digitally and on insane colored vinyl LP, including one filled with US currency, through Romanus Records. Play it loud!

“It was another gray day in that city of play // You know them swampies got their heads up their back way // We took our drums and guitar to a damn techno bar // Them kids these days don’t dig swing and sway // Bar man said, excuse me ma’am, can’t bring that crap around // We traded rocknroll for all night DJ’s // I said, Well that’s okay, we don’t mind anyway // You go to hell, we’re going to Lonestar State!”

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New single: Nuevo Catecismo Catolico & Kurt Baker || Quarantine Blues

Quarantine Blues…I have to admit I experienced a sense of dread after seeing that title. I am not exactly a fan of blues, I can’t wait for normal life to return, and am experiencing burnout symptoms of pandemic inspired music. But it literally took 3 seconds to wash that dread away. This single, on which Nuevo Catecismo Catolico partner up with prolific powerpop gatekeeper Kurt Baker offers a highly inflammable combination of powerpop and glamrock. The title track is the perfect antidote for feeling blue about the pandemic, while the flipside is a well executed and fun cover of Rock A La Radio, a 1981 single by French band Bijou – and yes, I added the original to my wantlist as well. I am turning the volume all the way up for this one. Out now on Folc Records!

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New album: Tommy Ray || Handful Of Hits

Handful Of Hits, the latest album of The Cry! frontman Tommy Ray, has been online for a couple of months, but for some reason I haven’t posted about it yet. Now’s as good a time as ever, because Beluga Records has picked it up for a vinyl release with updated album art. A subtitle for the record would be: ‘the home lockdown recordings,’ since it’s primarily a solo performance recorded at home during the lockdowns. If you are familiar with Tommy Ray’s previous output, you should know what to expect. If not, his music will push just the right buttons if you like your powerpop drenched in late ’70s punk & glamrock and ’60s rock-n-roll. Handful Of Hits is the follow up to First Hits Free (2020). That record contained several leftovers from the yet to be released (if ever?) third record from The Cry! I liked that one quite a lot, but overall, I think Handful Of Hits beats that record in terms of songwriting and consistency. Despite the (false) modesty in the album title, the number of hits on this one exceed the fingers on my hand. In Love Again and Feel The Pain are instant classics, and songs like One Step Closer and Runnin’ will make you want to test the maximum volume of your sound system. Handful Of Hits will be out June 4th. Pre-order the vinyl now and stream the full album here.

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New EP: GospelbeacH || Jam Jam EP

The Californian supergroup GospelbeacH have already released four fine folk rock albums through Alive Naturalsound Records, but apparently it was time for something else. The Jam Jam EP features five covers of late 60s / 70s bubble gum and glam lost classics. They are great finds, great songs, great covers, and this style looks good on them. The title track, originally from The American Jam Band (1974), stands out for me, but the other tunes are also very worthwhile. Out now digitally, on CD and vinyl LP through Curation Records.

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New single: Los Pepes || Want You Back​/​Never Get It Right

Los Pepes are one of those bands where you know exactly what you get with each release: well executed sleazy UK powerpop’n’roll that is fast and catchy. I feel kinda bad that none of their releases have made it from my wantlist to my collection. That is about to change, because their latest double A-side single is all hits, zero misses. I am not even going to discuss which song on this single is my favorite. Let’s call it a hell of a draw. The 7″ inch will ship out early May. Don’t miss out on this one, pre-order now through the band or Black Wax Noise Division.

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Gimme 5! || Jiffy Marx (Autogramm) Shares The Top 5 CDs That Are In His Truck Right Now

With ‘Gimme 5!’ we take a peek into the collections of artists we admire. The premise is simple: artists WE like share 5 records THEY love.

Do you still own CDs? I do, but in all honesty, I hardly play them. The main purpose of my CD-collection nowadays is ice breaker in work-from-home videocalls. Still, it’s pretty sweet to be able to pick out some CDs,  and rekindle your connection with them on long drives. That’s definitely the case for this week’s Gimme 5! artist Jiffy Marx – he will explain in a minute. Let me first say how happy I am that Jiffy wanted to share his list for this blog, because this guy knows how to write catchy tunes. He released an excellent solo single a couple of months ago, I wrote about that one here.

And this friday, he will release the second album of his band Autogramm. Autogramm are somewhat of a hybrid between ’80s powerpop, new wave and synth pop. The first song I ever heard from the band was the powerpop perfect Jessica Don’t Like Rock N Roll, and I’ve been keeping tabs on the band ever since. Spoiler alert for the new record: it’s pretty great; expect a review later this week. Here is a video for one of their new hits.

Okay, time to go to Jiffy’s list and let him do the talking. Enjoy!

New album: Silver Synthetic || Silver Synthetic

Expectations were high after the Out of the Darkness EP that was released last fall, but with their self-titled full-length debut album American garage-psych quartet Silver Synthetic effortlessly deliver on its promise. We already knew two of the eight songs on the LP from that EP, but the new songs are from the same barrel, with a 70s stamp on it: relaxed glam rock, wayward country licks, classic pop harmonies, driving psych, Britfolk twists and turns, and dueling guitars. A great combination, where everything is right and sounds good. Out now via Third Man Records, on vinyl, CD, cassette, and digitally.

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New EP: Hex Girls || Pop Fluff

Hex Girls‘ favorites playlist on Spotify includes T. Rex, Iggy Pop, Talking Heads, Cage The Elephant, White Reaper, Todd Rundgren, Spacehog, and more great artists that we can appreciate here at Add To Wantlist, and all those influences can be heard on the new EP Pop Fluff, and more. The track Lookin ‘for the Facts, for example (listen below), is based on the riff from The Specials’ Little Bitch, which previously also inspired The Dandy Warhols for Bohemian Like You. The potpourri of styles from music history forges the American five-piece “rough and tumble” rock band into six catchy, varied songs with enthusiastic vocals – lots to discover, very well done. Out now digitally and on 10″ vinyl.

‘I shouldn’t have to ask // I been lookin’ for your facts // I like to twist ’em yeah’

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New album: Pop Levi || Juicy Diamond

Singer / multi-instrumentalist / producer / cult hero Pop Levi has been actively around in the music business for over 15 years, but now he’s back from never really leaving. The English born / L.A. based artist answers his return-to-form LP Mark Of Paradise from only a few months ago with the true-to-form Juicy Diamond full-length, a fun, sly, and infectious collection of bedroom glam rock. It’s a surprisingly strong and coherent selection of eleven great songs. Listen below to two tracks that stand out for me, Tia and Birthday Girl. Out now through Boiled Records. RIYL: Foxygen, Todd Rundgren, Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

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