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Gimme 5! || Jiffy Marx (Autogramm) Shares The Top 5 CDs That Are In His Truck Right Now

With ‘Gimme 5!’ we take a peek into the collections of artists we admire. The premise is simple: artists WE like share 5 records THEY love.

Do you still own CDs? I do, but in all honesty, I hardly play them. The main purpose of my CD-collection nowadays is ice breaker in work-from-home videocalls. Still, it’s pretty sweet to be able to pick out some CDs,  and rekindle your connection with them on long drives. That’s definitely the case for this week’s Gimme 5! artist Jiffy Marx – he will explain in a minute. Let me first say how happy I am that Jiffy wanted to share his list for this blog, because this guy knows how to write catchy tunes. He released an excellent solo single a couple of months ago, I wrote about that one here.

And this friday, he will release the second album of his band Autogramm. Autogramm are somewhat of a hybrid between ’80s powerpop, new wave and synth pop. The first song I ever heard from the band was the powerpop perfect Jessica Don’t Like Rock N Roll, and I’ve been keeping tabs on the band ever since. Spoiler alert for the new record: it’s pretty great; expect a review later this week. Here is a video for one of their new hits.

Okay, time to go to Jiffy’s list and let him do the talking. Enjoy!

New album: Silver Synthetic || Silver Synthetic

Expectations were high after the Out of the Darkness EP that was released last fall, but with their self-titled full-length debut album American garage-psych quartet Silver Synthetic effortlessly deliver on its promise. We already knew two of the eight songs on the LP from that EP, but the new songs are from the same barrel, with a 70s stamp on it: relaxed glam rock, wayward country licks, classic pop harmonies, driving psych, Britfolk twists and turns, and dueling guitars. A great combination, where everything is right and sounds good. Out now via Third Man Records, on vinyl, CD, cassette, and digitally.

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New EP: Hex Girls || Pop Fluff

Hex Girls‘ favorites playlist on Spotify includes T. Rex, Iggy Pop, Talking Heads, Cage The Elephant, White Reaper, Todd Rundgren, Spacehog, and more great artists that we can appreciate here at Add To Wantlist, and all those influences can be heard on the new EP Pop Fluff, and more. The track Lookin ‘for the Facts, for example (listen below), is based on the riff from The Specials’ Little Bitch, which previously also inspired The Dandy Warhols for Bohemian Like You. The potpourri of styles from music history forges the American five-piece “rough and tumble” rock band into six catchy, varied songs with enthusiastic vocals – lots to discover, very well done. Out now digitally and on 10″ vinyl.

‘I shouldn’t have to ask // I been lookin’ for your facts // I like to twist ’em yeah’

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New album: Pop Levi || Juicy Diamond

Singer / multi-instrumentalist / producer / cult hero Pop Levi has been actively around in the music business for over 15 years, but now he’s back from never really leaving. The English born / L.A. based artist answers his return-to-form LP Mark Of Paradise from only a few months ago with the true-to-form Juicy Diamond full-length, a fun, sly, and infectious collection of bedroom glam rock. It’s a surprisingly strong and coherent selection of eleven great songs. Listen below to two tracks that stand out for me, Tia and Birthday Girl. Out now through Boiled Records. RIYL: Foxygen, Todd Rundgren, Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

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New single: Slander Tongue || Ride

13 months after they released their excellent self-titled LP, Berlin greasy glamgaragerockers Slander Tongue return in style with a two song single. It is inspired by lockdown fatigue, with the band “in need of a good time.” Fortunately, the two songs sound far from wearied. They have plenty of groove and energy. Out now on Slovenly Recordings.

“Now it’s May and I should be faraway // But I do the same thing as yesterday // This shit goes all year long // And I keep playing that song.“

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New single: The Erratix || You Don’t Care

Swedish indie label Beluga Records has a talent for unleashing new powerpop and punk bands onto the airwaves. On April 2nd, they will release the debut single of The Erratix of Minneapolis on pink and black wax. It’s a single three years in the making. You can already available to stream on Bandcamp, and I invite you to do exactly that. It’s a must listen for people who like their power pop energetic with plenty of punk attitude, or their punkrock with plenty of pop sensibilities. The tasteful addition of keys give the songs some extra schwung. The band plans to record their first LP in a couple of months. Definitely one to look out for! FFO: The Cry!, Something Fierce, & The Cute Lepers.

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New album: Ricky Warwick || When Life Was Hard And Fast

“We’ve come a long way since Jerry Lee // Rock and Roll ain’t dead // It’s just lost // In its mystery” – the intro to the great song You’re My Rock ‘N Roll pretty much sums up what you can expect from Ricky Warwick‘s new album. Fans of 70s rock will have a blast. The sound, the vocals, the guitar solos, the riffs, the drumbeat – everything on this album is as big as the smile on my face as I listen to it. The Northern Irish musician / songwriter combines his extensive experience (New Model Army, The Almighty, Thin Lizzy, Black Star Riders) with youthful appetite for writing and playing, he’s having friends like Joe Elliott (Def Leppard), Andy Taylor (Duran Duran) and Dizzy Reed ( Guns ‘n’ Roses) who contribute, and he knows how to alternate hard rocking tracks with ballads with lyrics that a certain type of women could post on their Instagram account. The ‘Deluxe Edition’ has a second disc with entertaining covers like You Spin Me Round (Like A Record), Oops! … I Did It Again and I Don’t Want To Grow Up. Have you ever been to a rock concert where the band is having such a good time that they don’t want to stop, playing all the songs they know how to play? This is the album equivalent of that. When Life Was Hard And Fast is out now through Nuclear Blast.

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New album: Sam Coffey And The Iron Lungs || Real One

The first self-titled Sam Coffey And The Iron Lungs record was released a decade ago. Back then, the band sounded like a garage band with a country twang. In the next ten years, the band has made quite the transformation. I first fell for the band with their 2014 album Gates Of Hell, a record  that had just the right mix of powerpop, rock-‘n’-roll and garage influences. The band then opted for a bigger sound on their 2018 record, again a self-titled one. Suddenly, here was a record full of fist pumping anthems made for arenas and hockey rinks. Today, the band released their follow up, titled Real One. It is the logical next step for the band. The band sounds more confident, more diverse and more ambitious than ever. The band has always wore its influences on its sleeves, and although this still unmistakingly is Sam Coffey, this one could also appeal to fans of Bruce Springsteen (listen to Magic and Sounds Alright), Thin Lizzy (She Knows), 80’s glam (Back With The Gang and Spirit Of The Radio), and even Billy Joel (15 minutes). If I am not mistaken, Gates of Heaven is the longest track the band ever recorded. It’s a 7 minute rock opera that starts out as a power ballad, turns into a groovy rock song, ultimately ending in fade out with some excellent female backups and group vocals. So yeah, plenty of fun to be had with this record, and plenty to discover upon further listens as well. And thoughout it all, I don’t think Sam Coffey has ever sung this well. You bet I am impressed with this record.

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New single: Appaloosa / BBQT || Split

Smart move by No Front Teeth Records to release a split 7″ with Appaloosa and BBQT. The bands are sonically similar (glammy punkrocknroll), and share a similar attitude. If you like Appaloosa it’s safe to say you’ll like BBQT and vice vera. Appaloosa are a new band to watch, can’t believe I missed their 2020 EP. If you haven’t heard BBQT before, I recommend their full length Let’s Go as an  entrance point. Vinyl release coming soon!

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New single: The Sorels || Spring Break

With temperatures of 20 degrees below zero this week, Winnipeg is an unlikely location to birth summertime glammy poppunk. The Sorels are probably hardened by the cold or simply don’t care, because today marks the official release of their Spring Break single. The 7″‘is available in North America through Reta Records, and in Europe through the ever reliable Surfin’ Ki records.

Spring Break! // Can’t Wait! // Summer’s coming // Come On // Give Me A Taste

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