New album: Wild Sandals || Sandale Grande

Wild Sandals is a German pop punk band by Florian Favorat and Beppo Hawaiian of The Favorats and The Hawaiians. You need not read the credits to know that these two guys worship The Queers, Ben Weasel and the Beach Boys. From the opening ’til its dying seconds, their debut full length brings quality bubblegum punk with solid harmonies. The record features eight (!) covers of classic songs by Beach Boys, Beatles, Herman’s Hermits and The Monkees. But to be honest, I think I like the six originals that round out the album even more. Taken together, the record sounds like a reworking of the Don’t Back Down album by The Queers. Safe to say, if you are into this kind of pop punk, you will enjoy this one. Includes cameo’s by Hayley of Hayley and the Crushers and Joe of The Queers.

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New single: Sick Thoughts || Poor Boys

The Italian DIY label Goodbye Boozy Records is a trusted source for fans of classic Killed By Death punk. The new single by Sick Thoughts offers precise that, plus some raging guitar work. That guitar work is probably what I like most about this single. Both songs are great, but check out how the band closes out the final 30 seconds of the A-side with a crazy guitar solo. Then you switch to the B-side, and 5 seconds in, there is another crazy solo. Hard not to pump your fist and scream YEAH!

Update: Video of both songs here.

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New singles: Warm Drag|| Butch Things & Public Body || Ask Me Later

Six Tonnes De Chair Records is a French label with an ear for bands that sound good, and an eye for records that look good. Label runner Laurent Matthew Perret has built quite the roster, with artists like Tracy Bryant, Joe Ghatt, Doug Tuttle, Sunfruits and Mt. Mountain. Most of the bands on the label sound somewhere between psychedelic and garage rock. Today, I like to draw your attention to two new releases by the label. The first was released last month. It’s Butch Things by Warm Drag. The A-side’s got a drum beat that is hypnotic and a chorus that I find hard to resist. As alway with this label, the artwork is great. I guess the snake on the cover signals subliminally that this single is quite the trip. Make sure you check out the B-side as well. The second single will be released on March 5, but is already available for streaming and pre-order. It is Ask Me Later by Public body. This one is more straightforward indierock, with excellent guitar work. I particularly like the A-side, the hyperactive, no time to breathe title track.

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Heads up: Invasion Of Quality Pop Punk Albums

My mailbox is exploding with bandcamp announcements today. No surprise since it is yet another Bandcamp Friday. On Bandcamp Fridays, the site waives its share and sales fully benefit the artists. Of all the announcements, what made me most excited is not one, not two, but three pop punk albums that are coming up in the next couple of weeks or months. On February 23, Matt Ellis will release Full Moon Fever. Three days later, Mikey Erg will release a self-titled record with a Clash-inspired album art. Two months later on April 16, we have Jakob Mind’s solo debut The One That Got Away. I wrote about two previous leaks from that one here.

Judging from the first taste, al three look to be winners. Check them out below!

New album: The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness || Songs From Another Life

I appreciate it when a band’s name is diagnostic of its sound. Here is a prime example. The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness are Andrew Taylor and Gonzalo Marcos. With one member living in Scotland and the other Spain, they took the Postal Service route in producing their latest record. Although I liked their previous one (Dead Calm), I admit to not having purchased it. With the new record however, I immediately have that urge to click on add to cart. The indie pop on Songs From Another Life sounds confident yet delicate, and the strummy and jangly guitars makes me long for spring. Some songs sound like straight up Teenage Fanclub worship, but in a good way. Fans of The Byrds and Big Star will probably dig this as well. And yes, I am totally copying these names from the press release, but they make too much sense not to. The colorful album art is pretty good too, and will brighten up (m)any home(s) as well. With this release, and the ones by The Laughing Chimes and Farewell Horizontal, this has been an excellent release week for fans of top-notch indiepop.

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New EP: Oyasumi, Mon Ami || Oma#1

When we talk about music, do borders even matter? At Add To Wantlist we post about bands from all around the globe. Still, I don’t think we’ve had a band from Russia yet. Enter Oyasumi, Mon Ami. A band with Japanese and French elements in their name, that plays “Japanese styled instrumental math rock?” I am intrigued! If you experience a lack focus while working from home today, let this instrumental EP get you back on track.

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New album: Farewell Horizontal || An Argument With An Idiot

Melbourne has around 5 million inhabitants and I am starting to believe that its bands may in fact exceed that number. Here is another example of the quality indiepop and -rock that is coming out of that Australian city. Farewell Horizontal are Pat (guitar, bass, vocals) and Lauren (drums). They are prolific songwriters who plan to release an album every time they have ten songs that they are content with and their health allows it – Pat recently recovered from a life changing lung transplant. With the exception of the 6-minute opener Freud’s Shit Nephew, An Argument With An Idiot contains mostly songs around the two minute mark. It’s a diverse record musically, full of wry humor lyrically. Album closer Doesn’t Matter, No One Cares (below) is an instant favorite, but this record feels like a grower. By the way, as if this duo needs any more goodwill, they donate their share of bandcamp revenues to charities.

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New single: The Sorels || Spring Break

With temperatures of 20 degrees below zero this week, Winnipeg is an unlikely location to birth summertime glammy poppunk. The Sorels are probably hardened by the cold or simply don’t care, because today marks the official release of their Spring Break single. The 7″‘is available in North America through Reta Records, and in Europe through the ever reliable Surfin’ Ki records.

Spring Break! // Can’t Wait! // Summer’s coming // Come On // Give Me A Taste

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New on vinyl: Fun Time Objects || C20/20 GO-GO!

Fun Time Objects have a playful take on garagepoppunk. The songs on C20/20 GO-GO! are bouncy, catchy and full of hit potential. Fans of Pale Lips and Nikki and The Corvettes, and fans of bubblegum punk in general will appreciate this one. For a sample, check out the video for their Ramones tribute Hey Joey. The record was originally released in 2020 as a tape on Fuzzy Warbles Cassettes, but is now also available on vinyl thanks to the kind folks of the GOOD TIMES Rock N Roll Club label. The name of that label basically says everything you need to know about this release. Enjoy!

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New album: Liquids || Life Is Pain Idiot

Please, if you ever hear someone exclaim that “Punk is dead,” put them in a chair, and let him or listen to all 27 tracks on the new Liquids record Life Is Pain Idiot. Then ask whether they are sure.

Liquids play relentless garagepunk with snotty vocals at a blistering pace. And yet, underneath that trashy sound, the band often sounds suprisingly melodic and musical. For example, listen to Don’t Wanna Get To Know You or Think Too Much. Both songs sound like lost Exploding Hearts tracks (I am aware this is my second Exploding Hearts reference of today, but listen to those songs and tell me I am wrong). Or what about the r’n’r party track on speed Lemon Rice (Doomed To Live). Liquids even make Meatloaf sound good in their cover of Bat Out of Hell – don’t worry, they cut the ten minute original by almost 7 minutes with blunt force. Many of the songs on Life Is Pain Idiot have surfaced before online, but digital only. If I am not mistaken, the songs have been rerecorded with/by Erik Nervous. Anyhow, Liquids has never sounded this good before.  A vinyl release of the record with alternate “scary” artwork is due this summer. It’s a must own.

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