New album: Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar || The Reckless One

Last week, MOJO, Uncut and Rough Trade, among others, already published their music year end lists. With six weeks or so to go in 2020, there is of course the risk that they will miss some new albums. Like this one! The combination of the singing skills of songwriter / arranger / band leader / ‘vocal powerhouse’ Samantha Martin and the soul / funk sound of Delta Sugar make The Reckless One an album that would not have been out of place in the aforementioned lists. My favorite song is original Don’t Have To Be – see below – but you should at least also check out Bob Dylan cover Meet Me in the Morning.

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Book: Seth Bovey || Five Years Ahead of My Time: Garage Rock from the 1950s to the Present

Looking back to the past to forge the future. That’s what Seth Bovey was aiming for with his history book about garage rock. The author is a professor of English at a university, but 40 years ago he also played in several garage bands. The scientist’s hand is clearer than the musician’s experience in the book; above all, it provides a thorough and detailed overview (no lack of references), roughly arranged chronologically and by location. Although many bands are mentioned in the six chapters, it is useful that the book ends with a list for recommended listening – many “garage punk unknowns”, but of course a classic like Psychotic Reaction by Count Five is not missing, see below – and recommended compilations and compilation series. Oh man, my wantlist has expanded a lot when I was reading this – you’ve been warned.

Want to hear more? I’ve collected songs mentioned in the book in this Spotify playlist.

New album: The Parson Red Heads || Lifetime of Comedy

It was worth the wait, The Parson Red Heads are back with a new LP. As they put it themselves: ‘An album full of dreams, self-reflection, and weary yearning (…) beautiful vocal melodies and harmonies, sparkling pedal steel-driven cosmic Americana and folk rock, coupled with (…) layered synths, organs and mellotrons, songs that build and drive to chaotically beautiful peaks.’ I couldn’t have said it better. Listen to stand-out track All I Wanted¬†below.

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Friday on my mind: TV’s Daniel || Better Than It’s Been

I know, this 7″ from TV’s Daniel (Daniel Fried from Bad Sports, Mind Spiders, Radioactivity, among others) is over a year old, but the flip side has become one of my favorite Friday night anthems lately. I like the A side of the single – Maybe We’ll All Die, but what I really love is the B-side (always check the B-side!). Sing along: It’s Better Than It’s Been!

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New album: The Bats || Foothills

The heyday of Flying Nun Records somehow passed me by at the time, unfortunately, but that won’t happen to me again (#FOMO). The New Zealand record label is still on the right track, and look, tomorrow they are releasing The Bats‘ 10th full-length – one of those bands I also would rather have discovered in the 80’s than 30 years later, but better late than never, right? Either way, they’ve again managed to record 12 addictive songs that you can listen to all day long.

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New album: Thelonious Monster || Oh That Monster

I did not see this one coming, but this fanboy is very happy with it. You probably know that Bob Forrest first had too many Sammy Hagar Weekends and later used those experiences to save others from Running with Monsters. And now, 34 years after his first and 16 years after his last album with Thelonious Monster, he is back with 10 new tracks. These sound more like the old 80’s work than the songs on their most successful LP – Beautiful Mess, but that’s not a bad thing in this case. The band will be touring again in 2021 and will also return to the Pinkpop festival – that show will not be as legendary as in 1993, but no doubt it will sound better!

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