New album: Evening Standards || The Shining

Scrappy basement pop anthems designed for massive singalongs

Basement pop champions Evening Standards are back with their fourth album The Shining, and they’re still cranking out irresistible guitar pop like it’s going out of style (spoiler alert: it’s not). The band may have traded Bloomington for Gainesville, but their sound remains a perfect cocktail of alt-country twang and punk rock swagger.

In all honesty, Evening Standards are the kind of band you might miss if you blink. But once you’re in on the secret, you’re hooked for life. The Shining is packed with scrappy pop anthems perfectly designed for singalongs. The dual vocals of Chris Mott and Daun (alumni of Landlord, Purple 7, The Door-Keys, and Fat Shadow) create a vibe that has “your coolest friends jamming in the garage” written all over it. When they belt out lines like “I’m the same as you, honey. I’ve got shit to do” (from Sniffing Glue), you can’t help but relate.

It’s not just the relatable lyrics and catchy vocals that’ll grab you. Evening Standards deliver their tunes with a perfect blend of heart, grit, energy and melody that quickly becomes outright addictive. The Shining is out now on LP at Dead Broke Rekerds who state that this is “probably our favorite record to drop this year,” and honestly, they have a strong case. Highly recommended!

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