New album: G.C.C. || Lobotomias A Domicilio

Meet Costa Rica Garage Pop Punk sensation Gold City Cigarettes!

The thrill that drives this website is discovering a new record that gets you giddy with excitement, eager to share it with the world. There’s something extra special about finding a gem from a place where your knowledge of the local scene is practically nonexistent.

Enter Lobotomias A Domicilio, the debut full-length album from G.C.C., also known as the Gold City Cigarettes, hailing from San Jose, Costa Rica. Picture this: you’re scrolling through the depths of Bandcamp when suddenly, a burst of high-energy, irresistible garage pop punk grabs your attention. That’s G.C.C. for you.

This 15-song collection is an infectious blend of catchy riffs, spirited vocals, and sheer pop punk exuberance. By the time the band’s charming rendition of Lipstick On Your Collar (made famous by Connie Francis) kicks in, you’re already head-bobbing and hooked on their unique sound. Songs like X.S.S., No Eres Tú (Soy Yo), Faro Bajo El Agua, and Agujas Y Gacillas will have you singing along, even if you’re just guessing the lyrics. These tracks are perfect for pogoing around your living room, spilling stuff on your floor and not caring one bit. And then there’s Mamapichas, a blisteringly fast track with a Banned In DC blueprint that feels like a sonic adrenaline shot, guaranteed to ignite any mosh pit.

G.C.C.’s Lobotomias A Domicilio is a thrilling introduction to a band that’s sure to make waves far beyond their local scene. So, grab your headphones, turn up the volume, and let the Gold City Cigarettes light up your day.

Album out now on Bien Malo Records.

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