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Fancy some good old gritty garage punk disguised as pub rock? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s the self-titled debut full-length of international power trio Martin Savage & the Jiggerz, featuring singer/guitarist Martin Savage (The Blacks, the Locomotions, Tokyo Knives, The Playmobils, …) from Sweden, bassist Kamikaze U.T. Vincent (King Salami & The Cumberland Three, Chinese Lungs, The Hateful, …) from Japan and drummer Eric Baconstrip (King Salami & The Cumberland Three, The Playmobils, The Chinese Lungs, Boycott, La Perra Blanco, …) from France. The experienced supergroup has already released some cool 45s on cool labels in recent years (Time To Get Out on Folc, Between The Lines on Topsy Turvy, Runaway Train on Chaputa!, …), but with this LP (on Damaged Goods, at least as cool) we can finally enjoy them a little longer. In just half an hour you’ll hear twelve riff-driven stompers (including covers of The Stripes’ Observer, Backstabbers’ Fly by Night and The Records’ In The Eyes Of A Blind Man), straightforward, pure and unbreakable. This may be rooted in the 70s, but it makes the 20s a lot more fun.

Martin Savage And The Jiggerz’ self-titled album, recorded by Ed Deegan, is out digitally and on vinyl LP through Damaged Goods Records.

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