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North Carolina quartet Blab School are a Craigslist success story. Veteran drummer Dave Cantwell (Analogue, Cold Sides, and In the Year of the Pig) put up an ad on the site and ended up forming a kind of supergroup that includes Ryan Seagrist (Discount, The Kitchen), Lizzie Killian (Glowing Stars, Teens in Trouble), and Fikri Yucel (Veronique Diabolique).

Their self-titled debut LP is out now on Fort Lowell Records. If you spun a carbon copy of this record, you’d find it rooted in the ’80s and ’90s alternative rock, new wave, and post-punk scenes. The diverse backgrounds of the musicians shine through in the variety of sounds Blab School explores. They practice a kind of DIY democracy where every member’s ideas get equal play, yet their collective sound remains as tight as a drum, striking with the impact of a single, unified vision.  Bands like The Wipers, Superchunk, and Jawbreaker come to mind, but there are also echoes of Killing Joke.

Blab School is a noisy and dynamic record where nostalgic vibes and fresh energy go hand in hand. Don’t miss out!

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