New single: Stuart Pearce || The Bosses Are Stealing Your Days! / Rule of Threes

Stuart Pearce, hailing from the UK’s Midlands and named after the legendary English Football player, are in the midst of recording their highly anticipated new album All This Vast Overproduction. While there’s no official release date yet — the band jokingly states it’s “due whenever finished,” fans can tide themselves over with a new two-song single released by Safe Suburban Home. Whether these tracks will appear on the album remains a mystery, but either way, they set a high bar for what’s to come from Stuart Pearce.

The Bosses Are Stealing Your Days! isn’t just a catchy title; it’s a stellar guitar pop song. It is anchored by a persistent bass riff that weaves through the entire song, complemented by steady drumming and those irresistible double snare hits. On the flip side, Rule Of Threes cranks up the noise with a sound reminiscent of the late Steve Albini’s production style — intense and raw, perfect for those times when you’re in the mood for something a bit more chaotic.

Stuart Pearce’s latest offerings promise exciting things on the horizon. If these songs are any indication, their upcoming album will be worth the wait.

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