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Around the 50-second mark on I Know What I’m Like, the middle track of Cosmit’s new (and final…sigh) single, the band starts to count to twelve. With the song intentionally stuck on repeat, I can’t help but feel the band’s is keeping score of my listening habits, though by the time I pen this review, the count of course has already exceeded twelve. The song is the latest highlight in the band’s concise yet consistently brilliant discography. Despite its uplifting tone, it’s a bittersweet track, and the line (“Ooh and oh please I wanna hold on to nice things”) at the end of the song, when the band is done counting, is a punch in the gut every time.

That’s what this band does. Draw you in with their catchy melodies, than make you feel things with the level of soul they pour in their music.

Still Cosmit completes a trilogy of short format releases that started with Cosmit (2020) and was followed by It’s Cosmit (2022). Of the three EPs, Still Cosmit emerges as the most polished and refined without compromising on the overall energy level. The songwriting (again!) is off the charts, and the three new songs are soulful with a strong pulse. Are Cosmit the love child of Dirtnap and Motown Records? You bet!

Cosmit are a Bristol based five-piece that is comprised of Erica Freas (RVIVR), Steve Gayton and Jeremy Tadros (both from Austeros), Kay Stanley (Specialist Subject Records), and Max Cole (Toodles & the Hectic Pity). Still Cosmit is out now via Specialist Subject. It’s fantastic.

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