New album: ADD/C || Ordinary Souls

Don’t judge a record by its cover. The art direction of the new ADD/C album may not be of the typical punk rock variety, but then again, they are not your average punk rock band either. The 17 songs on Ordinary Souls are top notch indie punk, with inspiration ranging from orgcore to ’90s melodic punk and a whole lot more, but ultimately very much its own thing.

Built on a friendship that goes back a quarter century, the musical bond of these Chattanooga scene veterans for a considerable time was halted due to life demands. Then the pandemic knocked at the door and suddenly the four buddies were sending eachother song ideas over their WiFi connections, ultimately culminating into the 17 songs on Ordinary Souls. The first time they played these songs together? In the studio. That’s hard to fathom given how cohesive this unit sounds on the LP. And clearly, they had fun sprinkling their songs with some Easter eggs – like The Brains’ Money Changes Everything cameo in Econ 101 .

Ordinary Souls is that rare kind of punk rock record that you can describe as mature and accomplished without the taste of vomit in your mouth. It’s an excellent, highly enjoyable punk rock record, out this Friday through Let’s Pretend Records.

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