New album: The Infinites || The Archetypes

Austin, Texas’ The Infinites are no strangers to concepts. Their band name refers to the use of loops in their music, and on their 2019 debut, each of their songs centered around a different fictional person. On their second album, which is out now through Meritorio Records, each song explores a different archetype, like bureaucrats, expats, and secret agents. Hence its title, The Archetypes.

Suffice to say, The Infinites produce cerebal music that is carefully crafted and designed. Their songs unfold gradually, allowing your mind to roam without losing its way. The use of loops lends a circular quality to The Archetypes. It’s hypnotizing, but subtle. You’ll never feel stuck in a hamster wheel, you can get out whenever you’d like. But why would you want to when those guitar parts keep tickling the pleasure centres of your brain?

The Archetypes is an intriguing indie pop record that sneaks up on you. It’s out now through Madrid’s finest Meritorio Records.

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