Music Year-End List || Dennis’ Favorite Albums of 2023

While Taylor Swift emerged as the top artist of 2023 (26+ billion global streams on Spotify alone), I mainly sought refuge in the long tail of the continuous stream of releases (not a favorable position: from 2024 tracks must have reached at least 1,000 streams to get royalties from Spotify’s money grubbers – all the more important that we’ll support these artists in other ways). Of the 2,600+ new albums I listened to, I added 130 to my longlist of wantlist-worthy releases – the ones I liked and played the most are in the Top 50 below. What struck me? Besides the usual themes – life and death (and the search for meaning), love and loss (and longing), fun and sadness (and anger), sex and drugs (and rock ‘n’ roll) – songwriters seem to struggle with time and place more than before. There is a kind of conflict going on in society between people who want to move forward or want to hold on to the past, but many songs reflect the realization that we live in the here and now. Tristan Peach from The Small Intestines dreamed that George Harrison and Tom Petty were on motorcycles circling one of the huge roundabouts in Canberra (Australia), their long hair blowing as they sang “You can’t hide in time” – it became the title from their debut album. It’s just one of the many references to this intriguing theme in my favorite albums from last year. Floodlights’ On The Television, one of the standout tracks from their Painting Of My Time LP, probably puts it most powerfully: “The time is now!” Let’s listen.

Without further ado, here’s my year-end list of 2023 (you can also find most of it in a playlist on Spotify). Links point to Discogs or Bandcamp (the headings), and to our previously posted reviews (in the body text). As always: add to your wantlist (or better: your collection) what you like. First: the top position.

1. Tito Ramírez || El Prince
[Psychedelic Rhythm & Blues, Spain || Antifaz Discos / El Volcán Música / Nu-Tone Recordings] The Kink Of Mambo returned as El Prince, but as far as I’m concerned, the genius behind these aliases – Pedro Poyatos – can trade his mask for a crown. I can’t get enough of his eclectic mix of timeless Latin soul, 60s garage beat and 50s rock ‘n’ roll. The thirteen sensational and provocative songs here feel both familiar and exotic at the same time, but every time you think ‘this reminds me of’ the musicians take a weird and wild different direction. The clip below doesn’t do justice to the richness of this record, so do yourself a favor and immerse yourself in the entire journey. Exciting in every way.

2. The Tubs || Dead Meat
[Jangly Indie Rock, UK || Trouble In Mind Records] Nine strum & thrum songs at the intersection of jangle-pop, post-punk and folk-rock elements, with gloomy lyrics, sounding as if the record is spinning just a tad too slow. It shouldn’t work, but the melodies and choruses are so infectious that they keep rolling through my head: “You are always on my mind.”

3. Natural Child || Be M’Guest
[Neo-psychedelia, US || Self-Released] After a few seconds it’s clear: this is classic Natural Child, in which greasy Southern rock, showy rock ‘n’ roll and slightly numb 70s-style boogie come together in a laid-back and groovy sound with distinctive vocals. Irresistible melodies and memorable hooks that invite you to tap along and nod in approval.

4. Floodlights || Painting of My Time
[Art Rock, Australia || Virgin Music] Why isn’t this band filling stadiums all over the world yet? Since their previous LP – my AOTY 2020 – they have only grown further. This new, triumphant one amazes me every time, and when I saw them live – in a small club – a few months ago I only became more convinced of how superb the five-piece is both in terms of songs and performance.

5. The Exbats || Song Machine
[Garage Pop, US || Goner Records] I don’t know how they pull it off, but Kenny McLain and his daughter Inez keep churning out one catchy tune after another. This is a jukebox full of timeless hits – I imagine a scene in a Tarantino film, situated in a too brightly lit diner somewhere in the early 70s, and this music makes heads turn – that still guarantees a great time today.

6. Quality Used Cars || Quality Of Life
[Garage Pop, Australia || Spoilsport Records] Front man Francis Tait’s phenomenal storytelling and unique warbling vocals continue to intrigue, and overwhelm even more thanks to the atmospheric foundation laid down by instrumentalists Hannah McKittrick, Benny Leahy, Isobel Caldwell and Ryan Leahy. This is an intimate, melancholic and relatable listen, scrappy and ragged but also sensitive and subtle.

7. Lewsberg || Out And About
[Art Pop, The Netherlands || Lewsberg Records / 12XU] As one of the leading exponents of the flourishing Rotterdam indie scene – Tramhaus, Iguana Death Cult, Rats On Rafts, Library Card, etc. – Lewsberg continues to impress. This fourth album is as poetic and bewitching as ever, both in terms of lyrics and the way they are recited, but sounds warmer and lighter than before.

8. Oracle Sisters || Hydranism
[Indie Pop, France || 22TWENTY] They are neither oracles nor sisters, but they sure know how to write melodies that are as memorable and moody as they are addictive and abiding. Recorded in a haunted old carpet factory on the remote but sun-drenched Greek island Hydra during lockdown, and that’s exactly the sensation this record evokes. My soundtrack from last summer.

9. William The Conqueror || Excuse Me While I Vanish
[Indie Rock, UK || Chrysalis] The Cornish trio rises above themselves on their fourth album, both in terms of compassionate themes and mesmerizing music. The poetic and imagery lyrics are fab and the accurately structured songs are spell binding, impressive every listen.

10. Red Beard || Die Trying
[Southern Rock, Spain || Peermusic Española] Mighty vocals, sing-along choruses, rhythmic piano strumming and great guitar riffs, recorded at the legendary Fame Recording Studios, Muscle Shoals, Alabama, and very well produced. Unfortunately, it’s still only available on streaming services, while I can vividly imagine how awesome this will sound from vinyl.

11. Morgan and the Organ Donors || M.O.D.s
[Garage Rock, US || K Records / Perennial] This stunning debut LP mixes opposite flavors that go together surprisingly well: spicy garage punk with sweet doo-wop, cool vocals with hot guitar riffs, a rough edge with smooth harmonies. Mandatory listening for fans of The Courettes, Reigning Sound, Blues Lawyer and The Sprouts, like me. Extra points for the beautiful cover art.

12. Baby Jesus || Rock And Roll Music
[Garage Punk, Sweden || La Pochette Surprise Records] The band name and cover art don’t really feel like a wide open door to step in, and the loud, gritty and wild noise that blows out may not be either. The exceptional thing here is that there are a lot of excellent ideas that push the dirt to the background, from memorable guitar riffs and compelling organ melodies to catchy hooks and scream-along choruses. Raucous and intense, extraordinary.

13. The Jack Cades || Something New
[Garage Pop, UK || Beluga Records / Dangerhouse Skylab] A psychedelic surf trip, thirteen attractive songs of sun-kissed fun with appealing male-female harmonies and guitars delightfully jangling away.

14. The McCharmlys || The McCharmlys
[Vintage Rock ‘n’ Roll, US || Nu-Tone] Charming tunes in the tradition of all the good things of the 50s and 60s, centered around doo-wop, surf and beat. Basically sweet and smooth, but with a peppery and ragged edge in guitars, vocals and sound. Meant for the broken hearted, but also irresistible for me.

15. The Goa Express || The Goa Express
[Crank Wave, UK || Self-Released] After years of waiting, the debut LP of the young five-piece from Northern England finally dropped in the last month of 2023. Dynamic, guitar-driven songs – unstoppable melodies and charismatic vocals – including more than a few earworms

16. Richard Tripps || Richard Tripps
[Jangly Folk Pop, US || Perpetual Doom / Plume Records] Easy-going, melancholic and attractive music with delicious guitar melodies, ethereal vocals and nostalgic lyrics. Summery, but with a spacious and refreshing breeze. A modern classic that provides an enjoyable half hour every time, I’ve played it a lot.

17. The Small Intestines || Hide In Time
[Indie Pop, Australia || Lost & Lonesome / Meritorio Records] Band members who made their mark in Chook Race and Peach Time, a sound compared to early Go-Betweens, The Bats and Felt, and an album title that came from a dream about George Harrison and Tom Petty singing these words – my expectations were high, but they were effortlessly met. Subtle jangly guitar work, scrappy but tasteful, with playful harmony vocals. Timeless.

18. Night Beats || Rajan
[Outlaw Psych, US || Fuzz Club Records / Suicide Squeeze] Danny Lee Blackwell – actually: Danny Rajan Billingsley – wrote, constructed and perfected a wonderfully orchestrated record that is simultaneously the most coherent and the most versatile to date. This one is all about atmosphere: mysterious and hypnotic, sultry and exotic.

19. Wild Billy Childish & CTMF || Failure Not Success
[Garage Rock, UK || Damaged Goods] British singer, guitarist, painter, author, poet, photographer and film maker Billy Childish was as prolific as ever in 2023, without sacrificing quality. I’ve probably listened to this CTMF release the most, and not just for the successful covers of Richard Hell and Jimi Hendrix. Unique and energized.

20. Guadalupe Plata || Guadalupe Plata (2023)
[Blues Rock, Spain || Everlasting Records] The latest self-titled LP from Pedro de Dios Barceló (guitar, vocals) and Carlos Jimena (drums) is as mesmerizing, poisonous and hypnotic as ever, but with a loose and primitive sound, transporting you to a gritty environment where snakes are just as dangerous as the heat of the sun.

21. Jim Jones All Stars || Ain’t No Peril
[Punk Blues, UK || Ako-Lite Records] I know I use way too many adjectives in my reviews, but this supergroup’s genre-transcending debut LP doesn’t fit enough labels: versatile and vibrant, raw and radical, cool and characterful, dirty and dangerous, exciting and epic, inspired and irrepressible, magical and full of madness, groovy and greasy, and so on.

22. ISTA || ISTA
[Psychedelic Disco Rock, US || Self-Released] You wouldn’t expect it based on the sober cover art, but this record offers a combination of eclecticism and enthusiasm that’s as infectious as can be. We get mean guitar riffs, pulsing rhythms and electrifying harmony vocals in a groovy mix of neo-psychedelic indie garage rock with a touch of post-punk. Wild and funky.

23. Monsieur Paul et Les Solutions || Surrealist & Fantasmagorique
[Garage Beat, France || Soundflat Records] Thirteen 60s-inspired tunes that offer an exciting combination of irresistible melodies and catchy choruses, full of hooks, fuzz, reverb and yé-yé. Standout tracks include the original Hey Léonard and a feminized French cover of Richard Berry’s Louie Louie.

24. The Record Company || The 4th Album
[Blues Rock, US || Round Hill Records] As a fan from the first album, I can only appreciate that this new music evokes the excitement of their early work. It’s a groove-packed delicacy, featuring ten energetic songs in which a tight rhythm machine and powerhouse vocals propel each other to great heights. Raw and honest, intimate and danceable.

25. DeWolff || Love, Death & In Between
[Rhythm & Blues, The Netherlands || Mascot Label Group] Years of playing, recording and performing together pay off in the most supreme work the multi-skilled trio has released to date, and that is significant. Four sides of shiny vinyl with diverse, rich and warm music, as colorful and fascinating as the cover art. Soulful with a capital S.

26. Mighty Glad || Mighty Glad
[Psychedelic Soul, US || Self Released] It was literally a beautiful surprise towards the end of the year, this graceful debut album with goosebump-inducing voices in the leading role. I would even like to have standout track All The Way played at my funeral when the time comes: “And every moment seems like I get closer // To my, to my journey’s end.”

27. Roofman || Still The Mess I Was
[Indie Pop / Folk, The Netherlands || Clouds Hill] This is an idyllic and melancholic record, in which subdued pieces turn out to have sharp rock edges, with poetic lyrics musing about love, nature and everyday observations and thoughts. “Put my soul in a song // Just to kill some time.” Wonderful how the vocals and sound sketch a mood that takes you to another world.

28. Withered Hand || How To Love
[Indie Folk Pop, UK || Reveal Records] The feeling as expressed in lead single Waking Up also applies to the listening experience here: “I can raise my voice // Nowhere to hide // It don’t come easily to me // Out stone cold // Coming back to life // I’m waking up inside in the dream.” The rich orchestration, personal lyrics and heartfelt vocals got under my skin. Beautiful.

29. CVC || Get Real
[Chamber Psych, Wales || CVC Recordings] Although reminiscent of the releases of JJ Cale, Todd Rundgren and Steely Dan in the 70s, this is a hugely enjoyable set of polished pop songs about peace, love, good times and staying true. Sunny, luscious and rousing, very well produced.

30. The Love || Come On And Feel The Love
[Garage Rock, Belgium || Sounds of Subterrania] It’s a good story with a great result: sound engineer Bob Belmans had been writing songs about love and live anonymously in his garden house for years, took his ideas (and some musical friends) to a cabin in the woods, to put them on tape in one wild weekend. It led to this spontaneous, enthusiastic and straightforward sounding LP.

31. The Grogans || Find Me A Cloud
[Garage Psych, Australia || Cousin Will Records] Groovy rock ‘n’ roll with a big sound, peppered with psychedelic rock and surf punk influences (and a touch of country), roughened by sun and sweat. This album has no fillers, but the tracks at the end stand out for me: Stay High and Day Dreamed unite regret and hope with catchy harmony vocals and approving head nods.

32. Traumahelikopter || Save Yourself
[Garage Rock, The Netherlands || Excelsior Recordings] The new work by the idiosyncratic bassless trio from Groningen Rock City is a little more thoughtful and a little less boisterous than in their early days, and that suits them well. The ten songs here are energetic, melodic and catchy though, with appealing lyrics and dynamic guitars. Irresistible.

33. Jason Joshua || La Voz De Oro
[Soul, US || Borinquen / Mango Hill Records] The album title translates as The Golden Voice and that that says a lot, but the songs of the Miami Maestro are also truly unique. Influences from Latin soul, salsa, funk, pop and cinematic psychedelia are mixed with themes of love, happiness, mental state and betrayal, a classy cocktail with those great vocals as glittering centerpiece.

34. Lukas Nelson And Promise Of The Real || Sticks And Stones
[Roots Rock, US || 6 Ace Records] Lukas Nelson wrote these twelve tunes for what he loves to do during concerts: playing country soul funk. It takes little effort to imagine how much fun it must be to experience this live, because this honest and humorous record is thirst-inducing (“Alcohallelujah”), and easy to dance and sing along to.

35. The Murlocs || Calm Ya Farm
[Garage Psych / Country Rock, Australia || ATO] All instruments in the twelve compelling songs come to the fore doing their own thing, yet everything gets the attention it deserves and forms an organic and balanced whole. I’m especially a fan of the distinctive vocals and yearning harmonica melodies.

36. Uni Boys || Buy This Now!
[Power Pop, US || Curation Records] Twelve inviting pop songs chock full of hooks, adequately produced by Michael and Brian D’Addario of The Lemon Twigs, making them sound old school but still fresh. It didn’t take long for me to follow the advice from the album title.

37. The Midnight Callers || Rattled Humming Heart
[Power Pop, US || Jem Records] A catchy record with some classy original hits, full of blissful hooks, ace guitar riffs, pulsing rhythms and cool harmony vocals.

38. Pavlov’s Puss || Tungsten Hearts Club.
[Garage Folk, New Zealand || Self-Released] The veterans from the Christchurch music scene themselves call it “cute as all hell garage rock made for top 40 radio” and Niek described it as “a punk version of Bob Dylan” and I would like to add that fellow fans of Billy Childish will definitely appreciate this. Lo-fi and ramshackle, but full of original lyrics and magnetic melodies – what’s not to like? Including covers of Reigning Sound and Grant Hart, so they have good taste too.

39. The Nude Party || Rides On
[Bluesy Country Rock, US || New West Records] Their third year-end list worthy album in a row shows how much fun the New York-based 7-piece has in their playing. The relaxed, vintage and rich sound make it a very entertaining listen.

40. Family Worship Center || Kicked Out of the Garden
[Southern Rock ‘n’ Soul, US || CorpoRAT Records] More-ish and 70s-styled: a big sound, sumptuous piano melodies, raving horns, celestial harmonies, sometimes with guitars being let loose but at other moments with a gospel feel. A delicious treat.

41. Mainland Break || One Way Ticket to Midnight
[Indie Rock, US || Self-Released] This guitar-driven record takes us “through a lonely, reflective night that recalls distant friendships, lost love, and missed opportunity” – a appetizing idea with an even better execution. The lyrics are appealing, but it’s the way they are declaimed that makes them come alive.

42. Lavalove || Love Sick
[Indie Pop, US || Pure Noise Records] Dreamy bedroom pop with summery influences from indie rock, psych, twee pop and surf, this record sounds as fresh as it is steamy, with jangly guitars and catchy melodies over which distinctive vocals always manage to intrigue.

43. A.S. Fanning || Mushroom Cloud
[Folk Rock, Germany || K&F Records / Proper Octopus] Discovered in the spiritual environment of an ancient church during the Left of the Dial festival, where the intimate poetic lyrics took on extra meaning, but the dark magical orchestration and warm baritone voice also resonate from the speakers at home.

44. Vista House || Oregon III
[Rootsy Indie Rock, US || Anything Bagel] The nine tunes on this album – varied in terms of tempo and orchestration, but thematically fitting together (leaving, returning, staying put) – intrigue me more than they probably should, but I really enjoy the wholehearted vocals, quirky lyrics, guitar outbursts, woo-hoo sing-alongs, and even the cinematic interludes.

45. Kid Koala || Creatures Of The Late Afternoon
[Turntablism, Canada || Envision Records / Phonocordia] Although I prefer rumbling guitars, I have a soft spot for turntablism, and that’s why I’ve been following scratching legend Kid Koala aka Eric San since his early days (his motto: “Keep it weird, they’ll get it later”). With this beat-driven action film-inspired love story he surpasses himself for 53 adventurous, visual and fascinating minutes. Humor and self-mockery (the Robot Hotel interludes) and rock ‘n’ roll elements are the icing on the cake here.

46. Joey Valence & Brae || Punk Tactics
[Alternative Hip-Hop, US || Self-Released] The album title should convince you not to just skip this one if you’re not a rap fan. This is all about Beastie Boyesque noise and nonsense, a bouncy boom bap sound, old school and chaotic.

47. The Thing || Here’s The Thing
[Indie Rock, US || Onion Records] “Some days I think I’m Elvis, some days I think I’m king.” This New York trio makes its debut with confident and vigorous songs, tight but quite rough around the edges. Their sound is refreshing but also familiar and versatile, incorporating garage and psych influences.

48. True Stars || True Stars
[Garage Rock, US || Self-Released] Another energetic debut LP that manages to fascinate all 32 minutes and 32 seconds. These are essentially tough and noisy songs, but at the same time they have classic pop qualities.

49. Bag Of Cans || We Are A Band
[Indie Rock, UK || Fierce Panda] This anarchic five-piece from Norwich can’t be pigeonholed in terms of genre, style or tempo – a lot happens in the diverse and exuberant songs here, always attractive, with original hooks and witty harmony vocals) – but shameless absurdity is at the heart of everything you hear.

50. Brian Setzer || The Devil Always Collects
[Rock ‘n’ Roll, US || Surfdog Records] Way over forty years into his career, but the rockabilly icon still has cat class and cat style – this new album sounds as fresh and eager as ever. With a cheerful mood we are guided past eleven compelling songs that evoke a dance party with nostalgic feelings.

Can’t get enough of it? In addition to the Top 50 above, these are 50 honorable mentions bubbling under (in alphabetical order; links point to previous write-ups where available):

American Restless || Rust Belt Rock N Roll [Punk Rock, US || Blind Owl]
The Arrogants || Brainwash [Garage Rock, France || 14th Floor Music / Dirty Water Records]
Bad//Dreems || HOO HA! [Garage Punk, Australia || Farmer & The Owl]
Bark || Loud [Power Pop, US || Cool Dog Sound / Dial Back Sound]
Bar Stool Preachers || Above The Static [Ska-Punk, UK || Pure Noise Records]
Beans on Toast || The Toothpaste And The Tube [Folk, UK || BOT Music]
Gina Birch || I Play My Bass Loud [Post-Punk, UK || Third Man Records]
Bloodshot Bill || Psyche-O-Billy [Rockabilly, Canada || Goner Records]
Alex Blum and the Roadside Quartet || If You’re Even Listening [Alt-Country, US || Self-Released]
Bottom Shelf || Pud Master Johnson [Roots Rock, US || Self-Released]
Craig Brown Band || Let’s Never Leave This Filthy World [Heartland Rock, US || Lazy Boy Record Co.]
Jack Droppers & The Best Intentions || Scooter [Roots Rock, US || Bird Fight Records]
Feeling Figures || Migration Magic [Indie Rock, Canada || K Records / Perennial]
The Flashcubes || Pop Masters [Power Pop, US || Big Stir Records]
The Fuzillis || Grind a GoGo Vol 2 [Rhythm & Blues, UK || Folc Records]
Ron Gallo || Foreground Music [Garage Rock, US || Kill Rock Stars]
Ryan Hamilton || Haunted By The Holy Ghost [Power Pop, US || Wicked Cool Records]
Holiday Ghosts || Absolute Reality [Indie Rock, UK || Fatcat Records]
Iguana Death Cult || Echo Palace [Post-Punk, The Netherlands || Innovative Leisure]
Zeno Jones || Disillusion Blues [Garage Blues Rock, US || Self-Released]
Juniper || She Steals Candy [Indie Pop, US || Self-Released]
Alex Kasznel & the Board of Directors || Everything’s Important & Nothing Matters [Pop-Punk, US || Air Quotes Records]
Kicking Bird || Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [Alternative Rock, US || Fort Lowell Records]
Kitty & The Rooster || Ain’t Pussyfootin’ Around [Rock ‘n’ Roll, Canada || Self-Released]
LEWIS || Growing Pains [Dream Rock, US || Self-Released]
Brad Marino || Grin and Bear It [Pop Punk, US || Rum Bar Records / Sioux Guitars]
Neverland Ranch Davidians || Neverland Ranch Davidians [Garage Punk, US || Heavy Medication Records]
NOBRO || Set Your Pussy Free [Punk Rock, Canada || Dine Alone Records]
The No Ones || My Best Evil Friend [Power Pop, International || Yep Roc Records]
The Nowness || The Nowness [Pub Rock, Sweden || Bark At Your Owner]
Geoff Palmer || An Otherwise Negative Situation [Pop Punk, US || Stardumb Records]
The Van Pelt || Artisans & Merchants [Indie Rock, US || Gringo Records / La Castanya / Spartan Records]
Jon Rauhouse & Blaine Long || One Day Will Never Come Back {Soulful Americana, US || Fort Lowell Records]
Red Red || The Alabama Kid [Blues Rock w/ Scratches, Belgium/US || Naked]
Thad Requet || Hope for a Better Day [Roots Rock, US || Self-Released]
The Silversound || The Silversound [Psychedelic Blues Rock, Australia || Cheersquad Records & Tapes]
Single Mothers || Roy [Indie Rock, Canada || Dine Alone Records]
Slander Tongue || Monochrome [Garage Rock, Germany || Alien Snatch!]
Sleepy Jean || Shoot Me in a Dream [Soulful Folk Pop, Canada || Flying Colors Music]
Spice World || There’s No I In Spice World [Indie Pop, Australia || Meritorio Records / Tenth Court]
Spirit Ghost || Melting Right Before Your Eyes [Garage Pop, US || Self-Released]
Sgt. Splendor || Death Of The Hoochie Koo [Desert Rock, US || Color Red]
Surfasaurus || Dino​-​Might! [Surf Pop, Canada || 10 Buck Records]
Swampmeat Family Band || Polish Your Old Halo [Roots Rock, UK || PNKSLM Recordings]
Swansea Sound || Twentieth Century [Indie Rock, UK || Skep Wax Records]
The Tearaways || And For Our Next Trick [Power Pop, US || Dirty Water Records]
Angela Tini || Have You Met Me Yet? [Rhythm & Blues, US || Rum Bar Records]
Tough Age || Waiting Here [Indie Pop, Canada || Bobo Integral / We Are Time]
TV’s Daniel || Never Change [Punk Rock, US || Wild Honey Records]
The Unknowns || East Coast Low [Garage Rock, Australia || Bargain Bin Records]

From 99 of these 100 albums you’ll find a song in this Spotify playlist. Click here for more year-end lists.

Finally, I would like to put forward Chuck Prophet’s Live in Paris as my favorite live album of 2023, and The Mood Mosaic 20: This Is Hot New as the most desirable compilation.

Note: Niek will publish his AOTY list next week, probably with completely different choices (update: it’s HERE – with no fewer than 46 other albums in the top 50),

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