New single: Friends of Cesar Romero || Temporary Anne

Look at that J Waylon, checking his 2023 calendar and noticing there is still plenty of space to release yet another episode from his acclaimed Doomed Babe Series. And lo and behold, here is #39, which marks the ninth (!) FOCR release we write about here on ATW dot com.

By now, it should be abundantly clear that we are fans of J Waylon’s attempts to turn personal heartbreak into concise garage-y power pop jams. “Oh Temporary Anne, I’ll never find another again,” he sings on Temporary Ann. On Who’s Wondering Now, he sings about his stolen heart: “A tragedy in broad daylight, Heisting my mind to another height.” No stranger to picking great song to cover, FOCR closes out the single with an immaculate version of a cut from The Jam’s The Gift Album – Running On The Spot.

Again, FOCR provides perfect music for bruised hearts and short attention spans.

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