New album: Owen Adamcik || Ickle Stardust’s Crime

“A few months ago I was arrested for standing up for my girlfriend. This is the album I made when I got out of jail.”

As if the prolific punkrock’n’roll prodigy Owen Adamcik needed any more inspiration, now this happened? Whether it is under his own name, or under his alter ego’s Ickle Stardust and Owen Hollywood, Adamcik is churning out songs like a manic maniac. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wrote and recorded his new 22-song album Ickle Stardust’s Crime in one sitting, all 24 minutes of it. The songs sound like first takes, imperfect and glorious, with punk and rock’n’roll history shining through in most if not all of these songs. Listen to incel bait, which sounds like a draft of an Exploding Hearts track, hot doggage which sounds like early Descendents, or the Bubblegum Ramonesey do you wanna hangout tonight? Adamcik seemingly can do it all, from primitive proto-garage to ’77 UK pop punk and from American hardcorepunk to ’70s rock’n’roll romanticism.

The record closes out on the acoustic break the law for you: “Stand up for my girl, I’ll fight the demons of this worlds. Stand up for what’s right, I’ll get locked up for a night.” One night in jail, point made, 22 hits. All in all a good score.

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