New Album: The Young Rochelles || Kicked to the Curb

Having aged a decade since their start in Long Beach (NY) in 2013, The Young Rochelles still are pop punk kids at heart. Just take a listen to their new LP Kicked To The Curb, the band’s second, which is out now through Sounds Rad. The record illustrates the increased skill and songwriting prowess the band picked up throughout the years. The record opening on a vocal performance that had me questioning if it were an outtake from the Zombies’ Odessey and Oracle sessions is just one example. The End Of Us is another early highlight on the record. At three quarts of the song, The Young Rochelles strip away all instruments, leaving only a drum-backed gang vocal of its infectious chorus. This well-executed maneuver, essentially a tried-and-true technique, works seamlessly.

I am finding something new to like about this album with each play, and every time I get a kick out of how well constructed and executed Vacation sounds. What a championship-level tune! Kicked To The Curb is not just testament of a more ambitious band, it also shows that the mixed emotions of a bad break-up and subsequently meeting your soulmate is pure oxygen to pen sugary pop punk hits.  The Young Rochelles, now with added hooks, bigger and better melodies, and pretty sweet harmonies, I like ’em!

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