New album: The Subjunctives || Let’s Try This Again

The ashes of Seattle pop punk heroes Sicko proves to be a fertile breeding ground. We loved getting to know The Drolls featuring two thirds of Sicko, and here are The Subjunctives featuring the other third of Sicko (Ean Hernandez) as well as members of Four Lights and Desolate Coast. The Subjunctives sure keep the Sicko spirit alive on their second LP Let’s Try This Again. Not just because they cover Sicko’s Believe, it’s the contagious nature and vibe of the tunes. To be sure, The Subjunctives have created their own distinct sound, but if you are a fan of Sicko you’ll like The Subjunctives’ new LP as well. Full of sweet harmonies and well constructed songs with no wasted space or down time, this is one killer old school pop punk record.

Extra credit to the band for the nods to some well loved bands, like Mr. T Experience (the ba ba ba ba ba ending of I Don’t Have The Time), Black Flag (the Rise Above intro of The Henry Rollins School Of Menacing), J-Church (It’s A Shame We Didn’t Get More Time Lance), as well as brainy punks like Greg Graffin and Milo Auckerman in Smart Punks – “smart punks reading books / writing hooks ergo sum / punk rock doesn’t have to be dumb.”

Let’s Try This Again is out now through Hernandez’s own Top Drawer Records.

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