New album: 7 Years Bad Luck || No Shame

This is the moment where No Shame, the latest album by Austrian pop punk veterans 7 Years Bad Luck clicked with me. Third song (I’ll Forget You), first line: “We’ve had a run, some solid years // But I just have one life, You said // and ran into the night.” That is a great line to sing over palm muted guitars and what turns out to be a tuneful poppy punk rock hit and one of several highlights of No Shame. What makes 7 Years Bad Luck stand out is that they effortlessly switch between different styles of pop punk, in part due to having two lead vocalists, and can still make it sound like a coherent whole. Fans of Banner Pilot, Lawrence Arms should enjoy this record, but that applies to fans of ’90s pop punk and punk rock as well.

Tip to the hat for the band going fully DIY for this one, doing the recording, mixing and mastering themselves. Fun Fact: The art piece on the album cover is a 1968 piece by the grandfather of two of the members of the band. Gosh, this is one easy-to-like band! No Shame is out now on Monster Zero Records.

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