New single: The Hallrunners || Clumsy Boys

Hit alert! Clumsy Boys is a refreshing and catchy song that’s “Looking back to high school // playing the class clown, being the fool.” Recognizable to everyone, to sing along cheerfully for everyone. It’s the A-side of the debut single from The Hallrunners, a new British power pop / garage rock band, featuring Clive “Barney” Barnes (vocals, guitar), Kristina Lowe (lead guitar), Ed Moore (bass, backing vocals) and Brendan Burns (drums). B-side Detention! Suspended! Expelled! continues the concept and is almost as entertaining. Going back to school hasn’t sounded this fun since the Ramones’ Rock ‘N’ Roll High School.

Clumsy Boys b/w Detention! Suspended! Expelled!, produced by The Hallrunners & Georgia Minton, is out now digitally through Half A Cow Records.

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