New album: Barrakuda McMurder || Discography 2008​-​2023

Grath Madden writes songs. A lot of songs. The songs that don’t make it on any of his band’s  releases (The Steinways, House Boat, Robot Bachelor, Short Attention etc.) are Barrakuda McMurder songs. Basically, these are songs where it’s Grath only, or Grath plus drummer, or Grath with friends chippin’ in with a guitar lick here or some backing vocals and harmonies there. Discography 2008​-​2023 compiles 24 of those songs, mostly originals and the occasional cover (e.g., Sarah Silverman, The Hitchcocks and After School Special). Some of these songs turned up online previously, others are made available for the first time, like the amazing 1-2-3 punch of All The Time, Anything, and Stay Inside.

The first half of the record is pop punk bliss. Fast and catchy tunes driven by the distinct made-for-pop punk voice of Madden, and with song titles that intentionally break the old show don’t tell rule. The back half of the record contains more odds and ends, outsider tracks, tv show samples, practice room jams, hardcore worship. Do I love the first half? Yes! Did I enjoy riding along on Madden’s creative output in the back half? Sure!

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