New album: Foyer Red || Yarn the Hours Away

Foyer Red is one of those bands taking pop music into exciting new directions. Should I describe the sound of the Brooklyn band on their debut LP Yarn The Hours Away (Carpark Records) as mathy tweepunk or jazzy indie pop? Should I even call this pop music? Foyer Red peppers its music with so many notes, tones and weirdness, it’s easy to get lost. But the sweet almost angelic voice of lead singer (and clarinetist!) Elena Riordan is the glue that holds all the parts together.

Still, a large portion of the appeal of Yarn The Hours Away is how something so meticulously crafted can sound so chaotic and full of life. Throughout the record, Foyer Red constantly thrills, surprises and excites. If you are looking to sink your teeth in something different, Foyer Red offers a more than rewarding experience.

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