New album: Alex Kasznel & the Board of Directors || Everything’s Important & Nothing Matters

A month ago we were impressed by Landlocked, the first single of Alex Kasznel & the Board of Directors, now there appears to be more where that came from. With their full-length debut album Everything’s Important & Nothing Matters, songwriter-with-tie Alex Kasznel (guitar, vocals), Heather Sampanis (bass, vocals) and Brian Tull (drums) effortlessly capture your attention for eight tracks long. Above all thanks to the clever and personal lyrics (“It’s entirely possible // That my life is just a theater inside my skull // And the director dropped you in the second act // To keep it from getting dull // I don’t know // I hope there’s a sequel” – from Luciferase), which are recited by the frontman in a distinctive and charismatic voice. But these can only thrive thanks to the fertile pop-punk soil beneath. Don’t be put off by the corporate band name, these musicians are about doing the right thing (“If you can’t see that on my face, hope you can see it in my heart” – from 20 Years Ago Today).

Everything’s Important & Nothing Matters, produced/mixed/mastered by Eric Tuffendsam, is out now digitally and on CD through Air Quotes Records. Recommended if you like The Weakerthans, The Hold Steady, Ted Leo & The Pharmacists.

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