New album: Patches || Scenic Route

A year after their debut LP Tales We Heard From the Fields, Austin, Texas trio Patches return with eleven new works of lo-fi art, fittingly brought together as a Scenic Route. The music of Evan Seurkamp (vocals, guitar), Aaron Griffin (guitar, percussion) and RKC (bass, melodica, backing vocals) is basically homemade jangle pop, with influences of post-punk and new wave interwoven. It’s again clever, original and captivating guitar melodies that take center stage, just as complex than on their previous album – as if an extra layer has been added to the sweet and sour songs that unsettles them but also makes them more intriguing – but a little more controlled and understated. Listening as an adventure.

Scenic Route is out now digitally. Add to wantlist: Bandcamp

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