New album: The Decibels || When Red Lights Flash

The last time we’d heard about Sacramanto (CA) power pop masters The Decibels was four years ago (to the week), when the band released their excellent Scene, Not Herd LP. Apparently, the band started writing new songs soon after said release, but the pandemic brought the process to a halt. A shame, but to be fair, it did open the door for this solo gem of a powerpop album by Brent Seavers. By the time The Decibels resumed recording When Red Lights Flash, they had changed subtly, or so they mention in the press release. To my ears, When Red Lights Flash still very much sounds like a Decibels power pop record, it’s exactly the kind of ear candy I’ve come to associate with the band. It does sound like the poppiest version of the band’s brand of powerpop yet. The ’60s pop filter of The Decibels has never been this strongly calibrated.

We frequently use the term timeless to describe the music we cover on our site, a logical consequence of the types of genres we prefer. If you are looking for a definition for what timeless music is, just listen to When Red Lights Flash front-to-back. You won’t easily find a better explanation. So many great guitar pop tunes! CD out now through Kool Kat Music, vinyl expected to arrive in Fall.

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