New EP: Pedico || Winter Dance Party

Here is quick peek in the hard work that goes into this site. Earlier this week, I received a Bandcamp notification that Pedico had released a new EP. Having loved their previous output, I immediately checked it out. Loved the tunes (again), but finding zero information about the release (again), I slided into the Instagram of @pediconyc. Here is what happened next.

@addtowantlist: Hi! Hope all is well. I see you have new music out. And of course I am going to write about it :). Do you have some information on it that I could use in my post?

@pediconyc: Yo Niek! Most definitely: Named after the fateful winter tour that brought us the untimely demise of Buddy Holly and Richie Valens, Winter Dance Party is a bit of a departure from the straight-ahead punk that Pedico is typically known for. Turned down tempo and fuzzed out, reverby guitars are more of the sound on this EP, which features 8 brand new original tunes, all paying homage in one way or another to early rock and roll and the Phil Spector 60s sound. The record’s lyrics are a tableau of teenage heartbreak, after school rumbles, UFOs, and packs of Kools rolled up in shirt sleeves, exemplified in choruses like “I’ve been walking down an empty street / with Ronnie Spector on repeat.” With a tongue-in-the-cheek and a pair of brass knuckles on the fist, this record is a prelude to the evolving direction we can expect from future Pedico releases.

@addtowantlist: Dude, did you just write my post for me?

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