New EP: The Circulators || The Circulators

I am not sure whether I should call the debut  by The Circulators’ (San Francisco) an EP, a mini-album or a full length. What I do know is that these 8 songs, currently only available on tape (through Willow House Records) and Bandcamp, will get pressed on vinyl sooner or later. And when this happens the discs will fly off the shelves.

You see, listening to The Circulators erases any cynicism about the state of rock’n’roll. Seemingly arriving out of nowhere, The Circulators kick your door in and introduce themselves as your new favorite band. If it wasn’t for the liner notes mentioning the band recorded it last Autumn, I’d have guessed it was recorded 45 years ago. This is a hell of a masterclass on how you do old school punk and power pop.

Is it too early to predict this one will top the lists of many EP of the year lists in eleven months or so? I for one am extremely excited, with zero intention to hide it. Turn the volume all the way up and enjoy!

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