New album: Juniper || She Steals Candy

New Jersey singer Juniper Shelley made an impression in 2020 – at the age of 15 – with her self-titled debut album. On her new full-length, She Steals Candy, she sounds even more confident, straightforward and convincing. Although a large part of the 16 songs – poppy guitar rock, average length 2:39 – are covers, she delivers the lyrics as if they come straight from her own heart. For example, listen to opening track BANG! (originally from UK band The Sails), Taste The Soup (written by The Muffs’ Kim Shattuck & Lisa Marr) and See You Tonight (inspired by Kiss’ unplugged version) and you know what I mean. While Juniper’s pleasant voice takes center stage, this record is also so strong because of the musical endeavours of an all-star cast* led by her dad (himself a singer-songwriter, guitarist and DJ). This is a fine selection of tunes that you can play at any time.

She Steals Candy is out now digitally, on CD and vinyl LP (self-released). *Featuring performances from Michael Shelley, Steve Goulding, Karen Basset, Barbara Endes, Peter Horvath, Rebecca Turner, Dave Amels, John Perrin, John Lee, Jon Graboff, Ira Kaplan, Jack Bram, Page Burkum (The Cactus Blossoms), Kurt Baker, Jay Sherman-Godfrey, Keith Yaun, Greg Townson, Alex Hall, Joe Katz, April March, Amy Rigby, Dennis Diken, Sam Elwitt, John Hamilton, Megan Reilly, Chris Geddes and Tallulah Buscher.

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