New album: Alien Nosejob || Stained Glass

Jake Robertson writes and records music as Alien Nosejob like there is no tomorrow. Stained Glass is album #4 in the past two years, and yet it has the urgency of a debut LP. Clearly, Robertson either doesn’t do writer’s block or his sources of inspiration are unceasing. In case of Stained Glass, that inspiration seems to come from one source especially, and that is Bon Scott era AC/DC records. The sharp guitar work, the solo’s, the high pitched voice, it’s impossible not to think about AC/DC while listening to this record. It’s released through Total Punk Records though (and Anti Fade in Australia), so at times this is more like AC/DC played at 45rpm. Only a couple of listen in and I can’t help but feel this is the best Alien Nosejob LP yet. Robertson combines killer guitar riffs with punk attitude and a sense of urgency to create an exhilerating rock’n’roll party. Everyone’s invited.

Stained Glass is out now, just in time to consider for your AOTY lists.

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