New album: Nasty Rumours || Bloody Hell, What A Pity!

Take a look at your record collection. Is there room for a killer (fun! catchy!) ’77 punk record? If the answer is YES, well go ahead, give the new Nasty Rumours record a spin. However, I’d argue against it if your shelves are too full, because Bloody Hell, What A Pity! is the kind of record that elicits one response only: I am buying this ASAP!

Nasty Rumours (Bern, Switzerland) may have a familiar sound (FFO: Undertones, Buzzcocks, or more recently Cute Lepers and Impo & The Tents), but their execution is on point on Bloody Hell, What A Pity!  You won’t be skipping any of the 12 songs, and not just because they are so short. They are like hand grenades filled with explosive hooks and melodies that wash over you within seconds. And boy do Nasty Rumours strike hard and often!

Even though these are all originals, the song titles read like one giant tribute to the late ’70s: Get My Kicks From ’76! Modern World! You’ve Got My Number! I Wanna Kill Your Boyfriend! She’s Mental! Play this one front to back. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. If you want to start off your weekend right, let this be your soundtrack.

Bloody Hell, What A Pity! is out now through Wanda Records.

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