New EP: Dogeyed || Hot For The Moon

Here is a bittersweet one: the second and final EP by Dogeyed (Bristol, UK). Recorded directly on tape two years ago, it is finally out on 7″ through Specialist Subject Records. It’s been a while since I’ve been this impressed by a pop record, although I’m not sure whether pop is the best decription of Dogeyed’s sound. They are a hard to categorize band who selfidentify as “sad lounge music for fans of misery.” To be sure, the four songs on Hot For The Moon have dark and moody undertones, groovy bass rhythms, and above all are heartbreakingly beautiful. Let’s call it altpop.

All four songs leave a lasting impression, but the standout track for me is True. It’s a song that lets each of the three members of Dogeyed shine, and where the amazing singer Harriet Elder gives me goosebumps when her voice breaks around the 1:12 mark. The sheer quality of this EP is impressive, and I can’t believe it marks the end of Dogeyed.

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