New EP: The Vains || My Ammunition

The Vains (New Brunswick, Canada & New England, USA) are a new project by members of Phone Jerks, The Ratz and Mitch Kramer. They are fronted by TJ Cabot on vocals, Shandy Lawson & Mitch Kramer on guitar, Bill Blacknorth on Bass and Elvis Belushi behind the drum kit.  The five come out of the gates swinging with a killer debut 5-song EP called My Ammunition. Given the people involved (Cabot wrote the words to the songs the other guys wrote) it should not come as a surprise that this is lo-fi, loud and straight from the garage. But still, I’m blown away by how much fun this EP is and how catchy and melodic the songs are. Part garage rock’n’roll, part pop punk, these short songs are hopefully a teaser of more to come from The Vains.

Play My Ammunition loud and often. It’s out now through Die Hipster Records.

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