New album: Various Artists || Tracknaphobia Vol. 2 (Tarantula Tapes)

We don’t often write about compilations, but they (still!) are a great resource to discover new music. Compilations are of course also a great way to put the spotlight and celebrate a certain label and scene. Both of these strengths apply to the new Tarantula Tapes comp Tracknaphobia Vol. 2. In the liner notes, Tarantula Tapes give a third reason why comps can be great: it’s a way to build a community and a scene. Tracknaphobia Vol. 2. serves as the label’s thank you to everyone involved in keeping the underground music community alive – from musicians, labels and techicians to designers, podcasts and writers. The sense of gratitude applies not just to the past, but has its eye on the here and now, and the future: The 16 band, 16 song comp sounds curated by someone who is on top of the diversity and quality of the current punk rock and indie scene. If this was a weekly radio show, I’d sure be tuning in again and again.

Tracknaphobia Vol. 2 is out now, on Tape of course.

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