New single: Drakulas || Drunk Dial #10

The Drunk Dial approach by now should be clear: Get a band in the studio for two days, supply them with legal or not so legal intoxicants and make them write and record an original and a cover song. There’s been no shortage of bands willing and up to the task. The 7″ series is up to its tenth installment with Drakulas as the latest victims/victors of Drunk Dial’s crazy scheme.

Drakulas (Austin, Texas) feature members of Riverboat Gamblers and Rise Against. As Drakulas, they look like comic book villains with their turtleneck sweaters and medallions and flirtations with the occult and the debaucheries of the city after midnight. Starting in 2015, they have released a couple of LPs (on Dirtnap and Dine Alone) and 7″s (on Red Scare and Stiff Hombre). For some reason, none of those releases truly clicked with me. But this new two song single is an instant hit. The A-side original (Shame) is 150 seconds of catchy ramonegarage’n’roll. On the flipside, Drakulas cover The Jim Caroll Band’s Three Sisters. It is a blast and meant to be played one way and one way only: at maximum volume. It is synthy glampunk goodness, a true scorcher. So yeah, I think I have to reconsider my previous stance on Drakulas and give their previous output a revisit.

Drunk Dial #10 is out now. And while you’re listening,make sure to check out Scene Point Blank’s interview with Drunk Dial head honcho Jordan Stamm. Not only is Jordan a memorable quote machine, he also provides some insight in the nuts and bolts (and passion) of keeping underground music alive.

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