New album: Talco || Videogame

Punkchanka! Italian ska-punk band Talco have been hyperactive for over 20 years, with about ten albums and countless sold-out live shows to their name. Less than half a year after new EP Insert Coin, they’re already back with their next full-length, called Videogame. You’ll hear 13 more infectious tunes of what Talco is known for: a danceable potpourri of punk-rock, folk, Latin, brass and ska music. The band explains that the pandemic led to an introspective journey about the mind and the concept of time, restoring their ability to manage life as they prefer, but also the theme in their new work: “It is a simple story that, revolving around the concept of escape from fear and anguish, deals in parallel with introspective and committed reflections, in a metaphorical plot that starts from the dream of an awakening inside a video game.” Influenced by Californian punk-rock, the sound here is more powerful than before, something we don’t mind. Although there are more hits on the LP, Garage Jukebox is the track that stands out, both musically and lyrically (it also shows that the band is much more than a party outfit) – an energetic but melodic song about unconditional love for writing and making music, in a creative oasis hidden by everyone.

Videogame is out now on vinyl LP through HFMN. Add to wantlist: Discogs

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