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I have friends I seldom see. Years go by without talking to each other. But when we do meet, it’s like nothing changed. None of the connection or interest has faded, it all feels familiar and natural, we just continue where we left things. Jangle Jargon, the new Free Time offers a similar experience. It’s the band’s third LP following In Search of Free Time (2016) and Free Time (2013). Despite the infrequent outings of Free Time, Jangle Jargon is like an unexpected encounter with an old friend. A pleasant surprise that feels instantly familiar. That familiarity of course is strengthened by the other bands the Free Time crew has been involved in, a list that includes Twerps, Scott and Darlene’s Wedding, Titus Andronicus, Terrible Truths and Full Ugly. To call Free Time a jangle pop supergroup is superfluous.

The recording of Jangle Jargon actually started in 2017, but due to professional careers and babies took some time to finalize. Life events and changing circumstances did not hurt the creativity of Free Time though. The band sounds inspired and decidedly Australian even though they are a NY band by now. Jangle Jargon is the most consistently great and most fun Free Time record to date. How can you not fall for the strummy and jangly Half Measures with its laid back “hey haha lalalala” hook. Or the talksinging over breezy guitars in The Terrace? Long Centuries is another standout, driven by an ear worm piano riff and rounded out by tasteful horns. Album opener Never Your Turn is a slacker jangle rocker that makes you fall for this record in seconds.

Free Time have entered the race for jangle record of the year and somehow I see only happy faces among the competition. They are enjoying the heck out of Jangle Jargon, as do we. It is out now through Bedroom Suck Records.

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