New album: The Let’s Go’s || Kill By Pop

Is it innovative or groundbreaking? No not at all. Is it entertaining and cool? Yes, completely. Just choose what’s more important to you. Kill By Pop is the new full-length album by Japanese all-female punk ‘n’ roll band The Let’s Go’s. Guitarist Coco, drummer Mariko-Mariko and bassist Manami – they share vocal duties – play fast, energetic and melodic guitar songs, with lyrics (largely in Japanese) that don’t necessarily have a deeper meaning – this music is about the music itself, but much less sweet than the cover art suggests. The trio kick off the LP with ロックンロール止めないで (translated it turns out to be a telling title: Don’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll), barely giving you time to breathe in the ten following tracks (including a cover of Shonen Knife’s Girl’s Rock), to leave you exhausted after 40 minutes. Kill By Pop? Fun to the max!

Kill By Pop is now streaming and out on CD through Sniffin’ Glue Records (a new label launched by punk rock magazine Bollocks, published by Shinko Music).

Add to wantlist: Tower Records Japan

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