New album: DANGÜS TARKÜS || Concrete Hearts

DANGÜS TARKÜS is fronted by Joe Sussman (NANCY, MUFF DIVERS). When Sussman releases new music it is guaranteed to be super catchy, kinda weird and released by a band in all caps. Concrete Hearts is the first release of DANGÜS TARKÜS in 5 years. The EP has four mutant pop punk songs that are lo-fi, fast, loud, snotty, and somehow also super melodic.

Five word review: This EP is a blast. Halfway through my first play of the title track, I found myself singing along to the chorus (“Concrete Hearts Never Last // Now They’re Beatin’ Eachother With Baseball Bats // Concrete Hearts Never Last”). It’s not even my favorite song on the EP. I’m So Bored (Talkin To Myself) is the cherry on top, what an exciting battle between killer guitar riffing and poppy vocals. Just when you start to think this EP couldn’t get any better, DANGÜS TARKÜS closes the single with the fastest Proud Mary cover in existence*.  John Fogerty goes Motörhead.

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* if you’ve got a faster one, let us know in the comments!

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