New album: Dune Rats || Real Rare Whale

How does Australian garage punk trio Dune Rats manage to write catchy hit after catchy hit every time? On their fourth full-length album Real Rare Whale, Danny Beausa (guitar, vocals), BC Michaels (drums) and Brett Jansch (bass) bring ten new bangers that again will put a big smile on your face. Their goal was to create an album that was opposite to the negativity going on in the world (‘From the first track to the last, each song was written with the sole purpose of being the “other songs” to what we were hearing on the radio. It’s hands down the fastest, funnest and most insane album we’ve ever recorded (…), that will be epic to play live to thousands of sweaty bodies having a great time.’) and they succeeded. You can dance carefree to tunes about the band members’ favorite pastimes (Drink All Day and Skate Or Don’t), skewed stories about nights they can’t remember (What A Memorable Night), changing the world (Space Cadet), couch surfing (Dumb TV), teenage crushes (Pamela Aniston) and dreaming of a better time (the atypical but standout track UP). Party time!

Real Rare Whale is out now on cassette, CD and vinyl LP through BMG / Ratbag Records.

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