New EP: The Special Pillow || Mind Wipe

Hoboken (New Jersey, US) four-piece The Special Pillow are back with a six-track psych folk / baroque pop EP with a 1960’s feel but a 2020’s connection. A slightly estranged but fascinating combination. How different would we listen to this sound without knowing its music history? “An empty slate // A really empty slate // Is really not so rare // And it’s really pretty great” (from title track Mind Wipe). However, we have to deal with first world problems. “Can you prove you’re not a robot? / Click all the boxes with traffic lights” (from Access Denied). Lyrics aren’t even necessary: Organic Panic could have been a forgotten soundtrack hit (love for the Bronx Zoo flamingos featured here!). Dan Cuddy (bass, vocals, moon guitar, keyboard, glockenspiel), Katie Gentile (violin, viola, vocals), Peter Stuart (guitars, vocals, electric sitar) and Eric Marc Cohen (drums, percussion, vocals) know how to surprise and captivate in every way.

Mind Wipe is out now digitally and on CD (self-released). Add to wantlist: Bandcamp

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