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Can anyone tell me what is so special about Marquette (Michigan)? The only conclusion of my Google search is that it looks like a gorgeous place to live, especially in the fall. But that doesn’t explain the disproportiate amount of good music coming out of there.

Somehow, the band Liquid Mike is involved in all of these releases. Liquid Mike, I believe, is a volcano waiting to erupt in terms of international acclaim – a new record will be out soon. But the quality of the members’ solo work is impossible to overlook as well. It’s no surprise we wrote about Michael Maple’s solo work, Raymond Little’s extremely fun recent record (Those lyrics!). And now it’s Heather Evans’ turn.

Songs I Didn’t Think About is an 8-track mini album produced by her Liquid Mike bandmate Michael Maple.  Evans immediately grabs your attention in album opener I Hope Heaven’s Just a Porch, combining palm muted acoustic guitar work with poetic lyricism. “Watching the sunrise over the seedy motels on the west side of my hometown // Wondering what my friends are doing // They live all around the world now.” Those are just the first couple of lines on the record, and they make you want to pull up the lyric sheet when listening to this record – something I recommend strongly by the way.

Both Evans’ lyrics and vocal delivery remind me of Courtney Barnett at times (i.e., listen to A Lot Like You), but Heather Evans has a more alternative folk/country sound. It’s also quite easy to imagine how effective songs like Jobs, Just Me And You and My Hair would be in a powerpop or punkrock version.

Go give Songs I Didn’t Think About  a try. Oh, and the comments section is open for theories about Marquette.

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