New album: Lawsuit Models || Unknown Ghosts

Denver four-piece Lawsuit Models started in 2010, but they just as well be a band that started somewhere in the mid-’90s given how unapologetically ’90s their poppy punksound is. Smooth, fast and catchy. Then again, the youthful energy the band injects in their songs suggest that this may actually a band that is only just getting started.

It’s a sound I don’t mind at all when well executed. And on their latest record Unknown Ghosts, you never feel like Lawsuit Models are copying their heroes. Rather, their sound is simply in their DNA which has mutated from mere exposure to decades of pop punk. Lawsuit Models use instant familiarity as a strength. It also helps that they know how to write memorable hooks and choruses. A song like Comatose sure is a dogged earworm huh? But while Unknown Ghosts sounds upbeat and sunny, expect some dark and melancholic tones in the lyrics department, another strength of the band. “Man, I’d rather be comatose // Shaking hands with unknown ghosts // I already always feel the same.”

Unknown Ghosts is a co-release by Denver labels Motorcycle Potluck and Snappy Little Numbers. Grab one now!

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