New album: The Zells || Ant Farm

Here’s one that’s been out a couple of weeks already, but I only now got to spend some time with: Ant Farm by The Zells, a three guitar slinging indie rock quintet from Pittsburgh.

Ant Farm is an exciting collection of songs. There is a lot of variation, in part due to all five member taking on vocal duties. But sonically, The Zells show a lot of ambition as well. There are short bursts of aggression that barely make the two-minute mark (e.g., The Joyce Manoresque Dummy), there is some Guided By Voices (Hell Car) and Pavement worship (Finnerty’s Dream), but also a 5+ minute suspense builder (JME). There even are acoustic songs (The Upside, Call It Early). You don’t need to look hard to find something (or a lot) to like about Ant Farm.

Ant Farm is out now on Cassette and CD through Crafted Sounds.

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