New album: Marie Mathématique || Nos Jours Étranges

In the period when The Limiñanas couldn’t satisfy my hunger for good French garage psych on their own, I found a welcome and extensive dessert in Marie Mathématique’s debut album Tous Vos Lendemains Dès Aujourd’hui (2016), one that I still consume regularly (watch the Sous Mon Second Soleil video for an energy boost). The follow-up Nos Jours Étranges (translated: Our Strange Days), just released, is once again both idiosyncratic and very tasty.

Marie Mathématique is the duo Emmanuelle Kawalek-Mazel and Nicolas Mazel, who took their band name from Jean-Claude Forest‘s fictional animation character, broadcasted in the 60’s with vocal contributions from Serge Gainsbourg and France Gall – pretty cool. Their 12 new lo-fi, psychedelic pop songs are varied, sad and joyful at the same time, captivating but also a bit alienating (in short: very suitable for strange times), with vocals that complement each other like those of Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood. You’ll hear a tribute to Mark “Luke Skywalker” Hamill, but just as easily lyrics are about Kafka or Incas. And even if these names sound too heavy, the titillating music is light-hearted enough to please you. Enjoy!

Nos Jours Étranges is out digitally and on CD through Lunadélia Records.

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