New album: The Wasps || Punk Prayer

45 years ago, The Wasps were part of a UK punk scene including The Clash, Sex Pistols, The Damned, Buzzcocks and Sham 69. The Wasps played John Peel’s Radio 1 show twice as well, resulting in this great recording of Teenage Treats, one of the band’s finest tracks.

In 2019, The Wasps played a reunion show at a punk festival in Malaga, Spain. That show ignited a motivation for writing new material, ultimately culminating in the twelve song Punk Prayer LP. The record will be a joy for both old and new fans of melodic punkrock. The biggest change in the 2022 version of the Wasps compared to the 1977 version is location not sound: The band currently resides not in London, but in Malaga, and Punk Prayer was recorded live in October 2021 at the local Hollers Analog Studios. Still fronting The Wasps is their original singer songwriter Jesse Lynn-Dean, who a the very least penned a throwback classic in Punk Prayer opener It Don’t Matter To Me. An impressive turn to form, like The Wasps haven’t skipped a beat.

Punk Prayer is out now on CD and LP through Vespa Records and Family Spree Recordings.

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  1. The wasps are the best fucking band on the planet, and that’s that! You can tell me otherwise, but I assure you, it don’t matter to me and you would be wasting all my precious time!

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