New album: Mark Le Gallez || Mark Two

Guernsey’s singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Mark Le Gallez (The Risk, Speakeasy, The Redbones, The Sacred Hearts, Thee Jenerators, The Crowman, The John Wesley Stone, …) has been active for decades in the right corner of the music world, the corner with power pop, mod and garage rock artists that is. In 1984 he released the EP Mark One, and – wait for it – almost 40 years later here’s successor Mark Two. The jacket the musician is wearing in the cover photo is the same as it was back then, and the 10 new songs are at least as energetic as the old ones – they sound a lot better though (we have to thank producer/engineer James Le Huray for that). This is mouthwatering mod-rock, with relatable lyrics and weathered vocals, but it’s the irresistible organ melodies that steal the show. If the rest of the world had the same good taste as that one corner, these would all be hits. For example, listen to standout track Elvis, with a glam rock opening and a guitar solo and drum break towards the end, and try not to get excited.

Mark Two is out on vinyl LP via F.A.B. Records. Add to wantlist: Discogs

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