New album: Mr Gé & The Crazy Drivers Of The Nowhere Road || Les Grands Enfants

Based on the band name you’d expect that this is a large gypsy-punk band, but Mr Gé & The Crazy Drivers Of The Nowhere Road turns out to be a solo project. The Frenchman who calls himself Mr Gé does all the songwriting, recording, production and art work. Everything you hear on his new album Les Grands Enfants he sang and played himself (besides drums, bass and various guitars, he also used a harp, a drum machine and analog synths sequences, keyboards, a Tunisian oud, a zither and kitchen tools – he could be the one Tom Waits is talking about in What’s He Building?). That’s impressive, but was it worth it? The answer is yes (otherwise we wouldn’t write about it), but it’s an idiosyncratic and theatrical record that takes a while to grasp what’s going on. It’s dark indie folk with French lyrics, intense vocals, complex structures and cinematic soundscapes, but also with appealing tempo changes and guitar solos. It rocks and it creaks, to slowly intoxicate you. The 14 DIY songs feel like a musical imagination of a trip on the Nowhere Road (I guess Tom Waits lives around there somewhere), fascinating in every way.

Les Grands Enfants is out now digitally and on a limited edition CD with original paintings (Home & Away).

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2 thoughts on “New album: Mr Gé & The Crazy Drivers Of The Nowhere Road || Les Grands Enfants”

  1. hi Dennis & Niek
    i stumbled on your post by chance while attempting to create a “mr gé web site” i really did appreciated your comments because they look like the way i am willing to do music – thanks again!!
    anyway you can have a look on bandcamp for previous CD with more english lyrics ( i produced a lot of songs for the last 3 years – something like 6 CD i believe)
    kind regards – Mickael /mr gé
    ps : where are you from? and how did you get to listen my music?? (it appears like a mistery to me 😉

  2. Hi Mickael,
    Thanks for your comment. We’re based in the Netherlands. We listen to as many new releases as possible, only write about what we consider “wantlist-worthy”. I came across your album while scrolling through Bandcamp, and what I heard intrigued me.
    Take care!

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