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The cool band name and nice art work caught my attention, the music lived up to the expectations. Scruff Myer’s Superhands are a power pop trio from Ipswich (UK) that sounds like an alternative rock / pop-punk band from the US, featuring former members of The Adicts and Lovejunk. Their self-titled debut album was actually released two years ago, but only on a very limited CD through Double Weiner Records. This music deserves a bigger audience, and hopefully that will happen with this re-release by new label Blunder Town records. Jonathan Lloyd Ellis, his brother Mel, and John Randall write short but powerful guitar-driven songs, influenced by 90’s US punk rock and Bob Mould’s older work. There are at least four songs on the record that could be hits and make the crowd in any festival tent jump into ecstasy. For example, listen to the wonderfully gritty vocals in standout track Kissing For Granted, the catchy tribute to actress/model Jessica Alba reminiscent of Nerf Herder’s Courtney, and punk rock banger Too Bad.

Scruff Myers’ Superhands is out now digitally and soon on vinyl LP through Blunder Town Records.

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Update: The original video by Mark Castle (2019) for Other Guy, the first single from the album, is re-booted by Hannah Maude (2022). Nice to see the band at work.

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