New album: PasMort || Pas Responsable Des Accidents

Melodic punk rock four-piece PasMort are from Quebec in Canada and make their full length debut with Pas Responsable Des Accidents. The band features members of Tree At Last, Albatros, Lost Love and Striver and have only been together for two years. They sound like a well-oiled machine though, and the many group vocals in their songs suggest that the member’s bonds are as strong as their vocal chords.

PasMort namedrops bands like Joyce Manor, Dead To Me, D4 and The Lawrence Arms as influences, and that should tell you what to expect. The twelve songs on the record are full of energy and quite diverse, and the French lyrics somehow give the songs a little extra.

With Pas Responsable Des Accidents, PasMort may deny responsibility for any accidents, but it’s hard to deny their songwriting prowess. Really solid stuff.

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