New EP: Jaguero || Worst Weekend Ever

There’s no shortage of Italian bands on our site. Most of those bands operate somewhere on the spectrum of old school pop punk (Limoges, Hakan), powerpop (Radio Days) and glamrock’n’roll (Faz Walz). For me, those are in fact the musical (sub)genres I usually associate with Italian music.

Here’s a new Italian band that plays a kind of punk rock that I normally associate more with US bands. It’s polished, full of soft-loud dynamics and well-timed gang vocals. It’s a sound that can get old quickly in the wrong hands, but when executed well, it can also be exciting and rewarding. With their Worst Weekend Ever EP, the four friends in Jaguero managed to create something that sounds well built and lively. Their songs mix accessibility with punk energy, and subtly incorporate influences from other genres like ’50s jazz to hardcore. To an extent, the band reminds me of Hostage Calm, who shared a similar level of pop sensibility and ambition in taking punk rock into new directions. I am happy I gave this one multiple spins, because I’m liking the EP more with each play.

Jaguero’s motto is to have a lot of fun and zero stress. The Worst Weekend Ever EP “was born from the extreme urge to play songs at full volume, after a long break from live concerts.” Mision accomplished. Out now through Epidemic Records!

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