New album: J Prozac || Won’t Let Go

There’s been no shortage of pop punk songsmiths flying solo lately, and going by the records that first come to mind the results range from pretty good to pretty great. Count Won’t Let Go by J Prozac (The Prozacs & Stiletto Bomb) in the latter category.

This is pop punk executed very well. Helped out by two handfuls of friends, Prozac clearly had a lot of fun writing and recording these songs. None of the songs on Won’t Let Go feel forced or redundant. It’s a vibrant record full of energy, melody and diversity. Prozac effortlessly goes from full ramonescore (People I Know), to bubblegum pop punk (Regret, Building Blocks), to a ’90s Fat Wreckish sound (Won’t Let Go) and everything in between. By covering all these different bases, Won’t Let Go will be an absolute joy and throwback to the ’90s punk crowd. To newer fans, Prozac provides a masterclass in how writing great catchy pop songs and sounding punk are not mutually exclusive.

Out now through Rum Bar Records. Make sure to also check out the bonus tracks, where Prozac plays songs from The Queers, Tom Petty, Ramones and Manges.

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